joke’s on You Lyrics-Charlotte Lawrence

Joke’s on You Lyrics - Charlotte Lawrence: Presenting the lyrics of the song "Joke’s on You" from the Album Birds of Prey: The Album is sung by Charlotte Lawrence. This song is produced by Daniel Pemberton & Imad Royal.

joke’s on You Lyrics-Charlotte Lawrence

Song: Joke’s on You
Singer: Charlotte Lawrence
Produced by: Daniel Pemberton & Imad Royal
Album: Birds of Prey
Written By: Cara Salimando, Daniel Pemberton & Imad Royal Label: Warner Music Group & Atlantic Records

joke’s on You Lyrics-Charlotte Lawrence

Drag me to death, like a lit cigarette
Took my last breath, like the smoke from my lips
I've lied for you and I liked it too
But my knees are bruised from kneeling to you
I've had enough, but you're too hard to quit
We've had our fun, now your sugar makes me sick
I've lied for you and I liked it too
But my makeup's ruined

And now I'm laughing through my tears
I'm crying through my fear
But, baby, if I had to choose

The joke's on you
The joke's on you
God knows I've tried to be kind
But I won't just lay down and die
Wearing a fake smile
The joke's on you

My heart's gone bad, now it won't beat for you
You had your laugh, now I won't play the fool
I've lied for you and I liked it too

Written by:
Kelsea Ballerini, Anna Prokhorova, Rob Zarilli & John

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